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Oh please. Vegans are so predictable. When they can’t argue against the fact that animals are killed in the production and storing of crops, they pull out the “INTENT” card. Well guess what, sugar britches. Dead is dead. Intent doesn’t matter to the animals that are killed by tractor, plow, harvester and pesticides. Intent doesn’t matter when animals are displaced by habitat destruction and die as a result of increased competition for fewer resources. Or what about those animals that are killed in order to protect crops in the fields, grain elevators and warehouses? And while you may not intend animals to be killed when a farmer cultivates his field, the farmer has to know that his actions are resulting in the death of animals. If you do something knowing it will kill then you intend to kill.

It has been suggested that a vegan diet kills more animals… causing more suffering and doing more harm… than a diet that includes meat from ruminants raised and finished on pasture or from hogs and birds raised on pasture and supplemented with food and agricultural waste. This is a reasonable suggestion. It is also a FACT that converting a parcel of land from crop production to pasture will increase both the number of animals and the types of species living on that land. Knowing this, if your intent in choosing a diet is truly to do the least harm and cause the least suffering, you will end your veganism and start looking for food from animals that are raised and finished on pasture with any supplemental feeds coming from food waste and agricultural waste. If, on the other hand, you are motivated by a desire to maintain a holier-than-thou attitude then you will remain a vegan.

One more time…

If your diet includes meat from animals that are raised on pasture and/or food and agricultural waste, fewer animals may be killed so you can eat because you are not relying on crops alone for those nutrients. The meat that comes from raising ruminants on pasture doesn’t kill as many animals as relying on crops to replace the nutrients and calories that comes from the meat. Once again, it has been estimated that 20 field mice are killed in order to grow the wheat that goes into making ONE loaf of bread. When I raise a lamb or kid on summer pasture, one animal dies in order to provide me with roughly 30 to 60 pounds of meat. Do the math.

As for fish, last time I checked, they were still animals. Farm-raised (CAFO) fish are also fed the same grain and soy byproducts that are used to raise hogs and poultry in CAFOs or to fatten steers in feedlots, while the population of wild fish are threatened by overfishing. Oh, and by the way, willfully ignoring or downplaying the destruction caused by cultivating crops because it flies in the face of your religion is quite intentional.


- http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2014/04/butter-not-that-bad (via sabelmouse)

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